Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow Day in the Woods

After clearing the driveway, I decided to visit the local forest. Geared up with my camera, snow boots and a warm winter jacket I was good to go. Apart from the occasional bird, the woods were quite except for the sound of melting snow falling from the branches and my footsteps. I did hear a Northern Flicker following me, its song echoed in the valley. Amazing that it survives these cold winter months. The snow accented the already spectacular visual landscape and as I got away into the deep woods the more enchanted the forest became. The sound of a nearby stream, my crunchy footsteps and snow dropping from branches got me into a meditative trance, walking and lost in the now.  We are lucky to have such access to connect with nature.

In this forest I have seen black bears, deer, raccoons and coyotes and even heard reports of occasional cougars. Its early December and the bears are hibernating, the cougars typically avoid human contact and the coyotes keep their distance. In any case, it is pretty safe as animal contact is rare and we respectfully co-exist.