Monday, June 13, 2016


Every so often, I get a great shot. I sat on the steps and waited for this hummingbird. It was cold with dark rain clouds, then as if by magic the sun appeared through the rain and the humming came to feed. That is the moment when I got this shot, the light after the rain is great for photography. My backyard today, happy and blessed to see hummingbirds at my new house (first early summer). Planted Jasmine, fuchsia, bleeding hearts (indigenous to the area)  and scarlet runner beans for these beautiful  birds to enjoy. To the Haida of the Pacific Northwest, the hummingbird is a symbol of love and beauty. 

There were two hummingbird visitors, both territorial. Their sharp clicking sounds and ariel acrobatic fights amaze and amuse me. What is it the hummingbird sees?, It lives in a world of scents, colours and nectar operating in another time dimension. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bird on a Rock

Three Geese Chicks

Canada Geese Chicks - Early June 2016

Two Frogs

Frogs exist in two worlds, water and land. They are the spirit helpers of the shamans and inhabit diverse realms of both the natural and supernatural.