Thursday, February 25, 2016

Processing Koi Fish Movement

First before I dive into the narrative, let me say that I love how koi fish move, their colours and patterns. Thanks to a computer language called Processing ( I could develop this visualization (play the video below).  It is an observation of a natural occurrence, and nature I believe has a lot to teach.

The generative art is based on koi fish movement, but more precisely it is based on the invisible paths that the fish travel along. In this case confined to the rectangular screen canvas or a pond if you will. I found this movement beautiful, rhythmic and harmonic. In the visualization I played with colours and with the size of the ball. Perhaps the ball size could represent depth, the deeper the fish goes the smaller the ball gets. The movement is pulsating, that is the circles shrink and grow along the circular path.

I started with the koi fish water colour art shown below, but my curiosity quickly deteriorated into a study of movement. 

Koi fish painting using water colour, pen and ink

The images at the bottom are different experiments with size, colour and shape.