Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sitting back on a secured and shaded corner of a hill, semi-wakeful snooze.


Mara (Rodent). This pair selected high ground. A mound to get a wide view of the land. 

Crown Bird

Grey Crowned Crane - Likes the security of distance and will speed away if approached in a running, semi lift off while flapping.


Turned around to catch the sound and make note of the distance. 


Look at those focused eyes on the meat, yet claws are retracted. Perhaps a feeling of compassion for the feeder. Most cats are given meat an the end of a long bone. This tiger has a relationship with the zookeeper. The cat's facial expression are telling. We have evolved to sense danger from our caveman days, we can read and sense feelings and intent, yet we spend too much time processing with our rational mind.