Saturday, February 8, 2014


This I believe is a Killdeer. I saw it at the mudflats of the Pacific ocean in Southwestern British Columbia. It was a cold icy February day, it was by the mouth of the river flowing into the inlet shore. 

Frozen Shore

Tree Patterns

Walking the Coastal Pacific Northwest this February it was unusually sunny, not the typical misty rain we love and endure. With the winter sun, comes the cold. The day was crisp and the air clean and refreshing. The sun hit the trees just right for me to become aware of the patterns on the weary and weathered trees. Natures patterns amaze me, whether its the trees, landscapes, cloud formations or flocks of sandpipers skimming over the sandy shore. Artists and hikers draw inspiration from natures patterns and rhythm consciously or not. Perhaps this is what inspires me to seek out stillness in nature.