Sunday, January 29, 2012

Emily Carr 1871 - 1945

Statue of Emily Carr outside the landmark Empress Hotel
Emily seen with her monkey Woo on her shoulder and her dog Billie (behind)
Created by sculptor Barbara Patterson. 
Picture taken on January 28th, 2012 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. 

Emily Carr was an extraordinary Canadian who traveled across British Columbia
studying native culture and art with fresh eyes and awe, she captured the land and forests in her unique style of painting. 

It took her decades to evolve her artistic style that was uniquely Canadian, breaking away from the generally accepted European society art of the time. Her art was finally appreciated and recognized toward the end of her life. At great personal cost she pursued her passion for art and eventually gained society acceptance. Ultimately her quest was not society acceptance but for the love of art. 

She broke the social norm of the time by traveling fearlessly as a single lady to remote native villages. She was an author, an artist and a keen observer of people, art and nature. 

She was dubbed "Klee Wyck" by the indigenous people meaning "The Laughing One" . Klee Wyck is also the title of her award winning book. In this book, she writes about her travels, totem poles and experiences. She preserved unique historical accounts of the life and art of the first nations.

Emily Carr's House

 Canadian Artist Emily Carr's House in Victoria, B.C. Canada
 Historic Site dedicated to the art, writings and life of 
renowned Canadian icon, Emily Carr 1871-1945

Pacific Island Gull

Gull flies alongside B.C. Ferry, a master at using the wind and air currents to glide more than flap.

Little Island

Pacific Northwest Island fights to live
Ocean Spray
Fierce Winds
Eroding Soil
A story of survival

Cliff meets Ocean

One of the many little islands on the pacific ocean where the land meets the sea

BC Ferry Scenic Passage to Vancouver Island

Many scenic islands on the passage to Vancouver Island

Monday, January 9, 2012

Geese in Night Clouds

Geese Silhouettes in Night Sky

Blue Sky Night Geese

Canada geese arrive to settle for the night

Night Geese Fligt

Geese V Formation

Geese Land

Geese Flight

Canda Geese Arrive

Arriving to rest for the night

Seagulls ensure safe return

Seagulls ensure safe return in the night

The interesting thing is that both sea gulls and geese arrive at the same time,
but fly in at different altitudes.
Its as though they have flight rules.
The gulls fly at much higher altitudes.
It seems,  this is natures air traffic control system.

In addition, the gulls will gather at a high altitude
which serve as a gathering place for arriving flocks.

I suspect (speculating) they fly high to signal other gulls arriving late,
in darker skies as a way of ensuring  safe return for the night.

A daily ritual, part of the rhythms and patterns of nature.
Perhaps a genetically evolved bevahiour
Now part of their inner compass.

Gull on Rock

Shoreline Forest

Winter Shoreline Forest

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pacific Northwest Coastal Cormorant

7-Jan-2012 Grey overcast rainy day Cormorant
This one disappeared for about a minute as it dove for lake trout under water
It would reappear, scan the area and dive again 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Patient Heron Reflects

If you wait patiently the fish will come
While fishing take time to reflect
And when they come pounce

Patient Young Heron

Young Great Blue Heron - Coastal British Columbia

Upside down jogger reflects

Who is running upside down in the pond?


4:30 PM 5-Jan-2012 Canada

Blue Sky, Pink Clouds

Gulls return for the night

Stormy Sky

4:30 PM Jan-5-2012
When I took this photo, I was thinking about the subtle colours.
There are reds, oranges, blues, greys, greens......
I was walking in the woods and the winds were howling
The air was cool and fresh filtered by the forests and oceans, it was energizing 
The trees were swaying, scary because the trees and branches could fall
Wonderful because the wind was howling musically as it whooshed through the trees
I enjoyed the fear, the freshness and the organic harmony
 I thought about how Emily Carr and how she saw movement and colour

I came across another amazing contemporary Vancouver artist "Richard Tetrault"
Richard's art has power and movement, he captures the downtown east side, urban life and structures.
His book "Painted Lives & Shifting Landscapes" is worth browsing

About the Sketch
The intent was to capture the sounds, swaying trees, wind and movement
as I walked the stormy forest.
The raven is a central feature as it struggles with the elements.

Both the raven and the wind movement are inspired by Richard.
The swaying trees is what I saw
The sky colours are inspired by Emily Carr

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sandpiper Syncronized Flight

SW British Columbia, Burrard Inlet Mudflats 1-Jan-2012
Weaving back and forth skimming the surface in perfect synchronized flight.
They land after a few minutes of aerial assessment to feed on choicest sandy shore.
As they fly and turn, they expose their light underbellies and their dark tops.
The effect is like lights turning on and off - Amazing harmony

Blue Forest, Blue Heron

SW British Columbia, Burrard Inlet Mudflats 1-Jan-2012

Shoreline Sandpipers Flight

SW BC Burrard Inlet Mudflats 1-Jan-2012

Shore SandPipers

SW British Columbia, Burrard Inlet Mudflats 1-Jan-2012