Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blue Sky Crow

Dec 31st Sunset

Dec 31st sunset - 3:30 pm Pacific Northwest

Purple Crow over Coloured Beach Pebbles

I like how the light, the rock colours and the green and bluish purples came out on the crow

Also see Maqsood Jivan, a pacific west coast artist who has made great use of colour and light in his Spotted Lake  landscape painting 

Mystery Roses on Ocean Bench

Someone left these roses on the bench - perhaps a message, perhaps a prayer or maybe a celebration of her life. The bench was dedicated to a mother from the family.


This flock would skim back and forth over the same spot along the shore before moving on to the next section. Perhaps they were catching low flying bugs. Surprisingly I did see some small mosquitoes in the winter - Dec 31st, 2011

Crow Contemplates


Mudflats Pacific coastal crow

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 The Road Ahead

While exploring the seashore, I came across this brick work. I wondered where this road may lead, a yellow brick road to Oz or perhaps to the lost world of Atlantis. I often wondered who the brick layer was. A few days ago while walking the trails I met the fellow responsible for arranging these bricks, he was a friendly artist who had played in this seaside park as a boy. The bricks are from the ruins from old sawmill.

The outlook for 2012 is yours to imagine, you can choose your Oz.


Winter Island

29th Dec 2011 - Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, Canada

Mudflats, typical grey Pacific coast winter tones with cloud filtered light. 

High Eagle Lookout

Enchanted Forest

High Perch Lookout

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Ducks Reflect

Mallard and female reflecting in December

Old Mill site at Rocky Point

Sunny December 2011 at the mudflats of Burrard Inlet

Rufus-sided Towhee

Towhee on a stump feeding on seeds on a cold sunny December 2011

Rocky Point Shoreline

Sunny December shoreline at the mudflats of Rocky Point in Burrard Inlet

Sleepy Heron

Heron on a high branch peeks at me and goes back into his wings.
Beautiful blue December sky backdrop.