Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full Circle Watch - Alert Chicks

Ducklings now older and bigger are able to better defend themselves against predators. These 4 of 7 duckings survived Ospreys, Eagles, Coyote's and sadly humans. The ducklings attract predators in spring, its a wonderful time with new growth, lake trout, ospreys, eagles, geese, beavers and king fishers. 

Duck Pond Habitat

Ducklings Blue Sky

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'll be Watching You

They live in disappearing shadows, lurking and watching. It's amazing how the tree colors blend with the coyote's coat. The coyote disappears into the forest shrub, nature's camouflage.This photo was taken in February 2011, still part of the west coast winter canopy shrub. Wet, moist rainy, dark.

Download a coyote poster from the Stanley Park Ecology Society

Chicks Huddle in a Summer Snooze

These chicks now a few weeks old have survived the spring. Mother guards her precious chicks from the eagles, ospreys, crows and coyotes who come for them. As they learn to be independent and venture further from the protection of the nearby shrubs, trees and family, the chicks expose themselves to these predators. These 7 or 8 chicks have survived so far. Many families are left with one sibling or none. June 2011 - Lafarge lake.