Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coyote sniffing on the hunt

coyote sniffing for prey sadiq somjee

Sniffing prey

Common Merganser

Seen Jan-16-2011 SW Coastal British Columbia, Canada. 

Lesser Scaup

Seen Jan-16-2011 in a lake around Coastal SW British Colombia. Winters along coasts south from British Columbia to Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fat Cat and Backyard Ecosystems.

Set the bird seed for the winter birds. The birds came but so did this well fed cat. The local coyotes are sure to follow. The food chain and natural ecosystems regulate themselves, like the introduction of wolves at Yellowstone - the wolves killed the weak members of the herd which in time will improve the gene pool. The open field grazers moved to the woods (to avoid the wolves) which helped restore the grazing fields, the rich grasslands and brush in turn brought back insects and birds. Tinkering with ecosystems needs careful consideration, we know less then we think. 

Gulls drinking binge party