Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harrison River Eagles

Eagles squabble over salmon catch 11-Dec-2010
We did not see as many eagles as reported on the local news. I talked to a fisherman, a young family and a couple of photographers. One photographer reported seeing hundreds about 15 minutes before we got to Squawkum Park. The fisherman told us about these eagles at Harrison Bay. There were dozens scattered around but distant. These were the best photos I could capture with a 250mm lens. Watching the eagles with binoculars was worth it though. It is a beautiful drive a little over an hour from Vancouver, scenic snow capped mountains on a clear winter December. 

Chehalis-Harrison River estuary salmon

Did not see many eagles but seeing these salmon at the estuary was breathtaking. There were many seagulls paddling and cautiously taking opportunistic pecks at the salmon. There were also a few scattered bald eagles  and great blue herons high in the trees.

Wood Duck

Wood Duck at Burnaby Lake

Monday, December 6, 2010

Coyote Edge Dweller

This coyote appears to be separated from the pack. This is the second time I saw him, glad to know he has survived. Young, scared and learning to fend for himself. This coyote dwells on the edge of civilization at Burnaby Lake


The bufflehead nests in cavities in trees close to water. It breeds in forested areas from west-central Alaska through western Canada and the northwestern states.

Wood Duck

Three Gulls in flight

Crow watches gull over Burrard Inlet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010